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Max Comfort Ergonomic Executive Computer Chair

Max Comfort Executive Computer Chair
Chair controls for tilt height and slideAdjustable head restAdjustable ergonomic armrest

If you are comfortable, you are happy and you can give your best. A well made, ergonomically adjustable chair that properly supports you is a necessary tool, not a luxury. Configured with all the premium options for your comfort and best value.Start with a rugged mechanism that has the necessary adjustments then add other necessary features and you have the ultimate ergonomic computer or executive chair.

  1. Chair height adjustment: adjust seat base from 17-21" important for proper foot position.
  2. Back height adjustment: adjust back height to achieve proper lumbar support, simply lift and release at 5 different heights.
  3. Tilting backrest: leans back or forwards and locks in position.
  4. Sliding seat: seat slides from 18-20-1/2" deep for proper low back support when changing seat back angle, and to fit each user properly. It's important to have the right seat depth and angle to prevent pressure on the legs from the seat edge.
  5. Seat tilting: seat tilts forwards and backwards to allow proper posture for different seat/backrest tilt positions. 
  6. Rocking tilting: provides rocking motion to chair
  7. Tension adjustment: adjustment of rocking resistance to provide smooth controlled reclining.
  8. Forward tilting: this feature combined with the back back tilt and height adjustment allows relaxed forward a  tilt position with proper lumbar support.
  9. Headrest with adjustment: combine seat back height adjustment with proper head position and support.
  10. Double foam seat: combination of support foam and memory foam. Provides proper firmness for long term support and relief of pressure points with memory foam.
  11. Special Fabric: flexible Comfortknit fabric is bonded to memory foam memory foam which allows it to properly conform to your shape.
  12. Seat edge has large rounded edge to prevent pressure on thighs.
  13. Adjustable arm rests: armrests adjust for height to properly support arm on padded armrest to relieve pressure points
  14. Width of arm rests: armrests adjust for with of user to allow natural resting position for elbows/forearms.
  15. Sliding armrest: armrest slides forwards and backwards to adjust for different users and different configurations of the chair. When tilting the back your armrests need to be further back and when sitting up right they need to be further forward.
  16. Rotating armrests: armrest rotate to support arms at proper angle for all tasks. Your arms are rarely exactly at 90 degrees to your desk,so your armrests need to adjust to your position.
  17. Sturdy chrome base with large caster allows easy positioning of the chair
Chair colors: 
Flint 5501
5502 Monarch
5503 Smoke
5506 Cappucino
Xanadu 5512
5515 Baltic
5539 Wine