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Multiple monitor computer desks

We have computer desks for multiple monitors.  Our Vanguard line has a built in multiple monitor mount rail and is available in fixed and adjustable height desks versions.  Our monitor track mount makes a great multiple monitor or computer desk, you can mount CPU holders on each side.  We can easily configure a track mount desk to hold large flat screens and smaller LCD screens at the same time.  With our mount system multiple monitor setups for up to 12 and speakers stands are possible.  All of our desks can hold dual monitors. The Ergo Duet 68 is a great 3 monitor height adjustable computer desk.  Desks like the CF92 and Max Rack Rail are great multiple monitor desks with rack mount.  For multiple monitor corner desks see Ergo Solo height adjustable and CR89 fixed desks. The Ergo Vanguard or fixed Vanguard has optional rack mount turrets that can also be used as a monitor stand.  We will help configure custom multiple monitor mounting solutions for our desks, tell us what you need. Please see our multiple monitor mount solutions.

Whether a fixed or a height adjust desk, we have multiple monitor desk solutions.  If you have any questions about configuring a desk to hold multiple monitors please call 800-356-624

Vanguard Fixed Height Desks with Monitor Track

Vanguard Workstation 72 Desk

Our Vanguard desks with the monitor track system are very a versatile way to make the most of your space. Attach the accessories you want, exactly where you want them. Easily and quickly reconfigure your desk. Perfect setup for multiple monitor desks. We have configured these desks to mount large flat screens and multiple monitors at the same time. With the monitor track you have a universal mount for almost any accessory you can imagine. With the optional 4ru turret you can add desktop rackmount space and use it as a speaker stand or monitor shelf.

CF92 Max Edit Desk

One of our most popular edit desks. The large desk area allows multiple operators. The bridge allows multiple monitors configurations. Works well for audio production as well as video production.


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