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7045 Monitor Arm with 45 degree forearm


This Monitor Arm is ideal for situations requiring raising your monitor higher than usual. With its 45 degree forearm you can place monitors above other equipment on your desk or console. The 7045 features 16" of vertical range and 22" of horizontal range.

The 7045 Monitor Arm is ideal for use with Logic System Control Console Bays. The extra height enables placement of monitors directly above the equipment turrets.

The 7045 is available in 3 Monitor weight ratings. VESA mount adapter is included with 75 x 75 and 100 x 100 mounting holes. Choose from Silver or Black. Select the Rail Mount Adapter if you have Logic System or any of our desks with aluminum rail Mounts, or the Flex Kit to clamp or bolt to your desk.

Monitor weight only (no stand)
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