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Corner Desk CR89

CR89 Corner Edit Desk in Amber Cherry
Corner Desk sides take equipment rack or side tablesCR89 Corner Desk with side tableCR89 Corner Desk takes equipment rack or side tableCR89 desk with 14RU rack mount

Where space is at a premium, a corner desk may be just what you need. The CR89 corner desk is a spacious work station but takes up only 5-1/2' from the corner of the room to the edge of the desk.
The CR89 monitor bride is large enough for multiple monitors and speakers yet still fits into a corner.  This edit desk is designed to be used with equipment racks and or side tables.  Order a 14 ru equipment rack to with laminate top to match your table height.

  • Easy assembly.
  • Monitor bridge is large enough for 2 or more computer monitors and speakers.
  • Comfortable large radiused rubber edge on desk.
  • Desk top is 29" high. Monitor bridge is 35 1/2" high.
  • Monitor support doubles as an equipment rack with front rails provided (EIA standard with 10-32 holes). Use it to rack mount equipment.  Two 3RU (5 1/4"high) openings are accessible above desk top.
  • We laminate the top and the bottom for extra rigidity.
  • Price includes crating
Standard colors: 
Graphite Nebula
Amber Cherry (standard)
Other possible colors: 
Asian Night - bamboo in charcoal tones with black graining
Carbon Mesh - pattern weave of charcoal and carbon grey.
Somky Topaz a glossy charcoal grey small scale quartz/engineered stone design accented with light taupe, black and blue-green chips.
Empire Mahogany
Silver Alchemy a subtle striation of silver and grey with warm grey crossfiring create an abstracted visal of metal or wood.
Asian Sun a vertical grain bamboo in tones of gold and brown with sienna and dark brown graining.