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Transform Console Desk with rackmount bays

Transform console desk with 3 rackmount turrets
Transform console desk under counter rack mount spacesTransform console desk end viewTransform console desk with 2 rackmount turretsTransform control console desk with one rackmount openingTransform monitor rail desk for multiple monitors

The Transform series of console desks are a versatile, quickly configurable, control console and desk solution. You can have one to three 4ru (7") rack mount bays or filler panels. A monitor mounting track across the back allows for multiple LCDs, plasmas, speaker stands you name it. You can mount 12 monitors using the monitor mounts found in options, using three 4 screen mounts with rail mount kit. We also custom make large screen mounts for the rail. Wiring slots are provided in front of turret, between filler and track, and underneath track. Optional front and rear panels easy equipment and cabling access. Below deck openinge configured as 3 additional 4RU (7") rack mount spaces.

Check out the Ergo Transform height adjustable version.

Standard colors: 
Graphite Nebula
Amber Cherry (standard)
Other possible colors: 
Asian Night - bamboo in charcoal tones with black graining
Carbon Mesh - pattern weave of charcoal and carbon grey.
Somky Topaz a glossy charcoal grey small scale quartz/engineered stone design accented with light taupe, black and blue-green chips.
Empire Mahogany
Silver Alchemy a subtle striation of silver and grey with warm grey crossfiring create an abstracted visal of metal or wood.
Asian Sun a vertical grain bamboo in tones of gold and brown with sienna and dark brown graining.